PhreeBooks accounting was developed as an open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) web-based application written for the small business community. The goal is to provide a multi-language web-based end-to-end enterprise management tool. Written in the widely availalbe PHP scripting language with the robust MYSQL database engine, PhreeBooks goal is to provide a low cost solution for small business concerns. Unlike most commercially available accounting packages that use proprietary software or require MS Windows operating system, PhreeBooks is platform independent, browser independent and easily translated into many languages.

The PhreeBooks project has been relocated to the PhreeBooks Project Website

PhreeBooks Highlights:

  • Separate Customer and Vendor Account Information
  • Full Inventory Management and Tracking
  • Complete Financial General Ledger Accountability
  • Banking Support, Including Check Writing, and Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Flexible Import and Export Capabilities
  • XML Interface To E-commerce Shopping Carts (currently Zen-Cart)
  • Robust Reporting and Form Capability
  • Expandable Shipping Manager
  • User Level Security
  • Context Sensitive Popup Help System (using PhreeHelp)