PhreeSoft has released PhreeBooks 5, the log awaited update to the PhreeBooks ERP application available free of charge to the open-source community. PhreeBooks 5 is designed for those that have the ability to host their own servers and want to store their data locally. PhreeBooks 5 extensions have been converted to the Bizuno format and are available through the PhreeSoft store for a moderate charge.

PhreeBooks 5 is available through the project repository at GitHub (GitHub PhreeBooks Release) release page or cloned through the (PhreeBooks Project) project home page. PhreeBooks 5 consists of a new portal designed to run on local servers utilizing the Bizuno Accounting library. For current PhreeBooks users, there exists a conversion extension to upgrade your current PhreeBooks database to Bizuno format. The extension is available free at the store.


Phreesoft releases the latest Bizuno for WordPress plugin version 2.0.11 with new dashboards and bug fixes, highlights include:

  • New currency dashboards, Oanda and XE exchange rate tools with the ability to update your current exchange rate value in Bizuno.
  • Eliminates the requirement to log into WordPress with email address as user name. Users can now log into WordPress with their username and then will be required to log in again to use Bizuno with their email address.
  • Bug fixes and locale improvements

PhreeSoft has released the Bizuno for WordPress plugin to the WordPress repository today. This plug-in has the same functionality as the Basic version available and hosted in the PhreeSoft cloud. Extensions are available a-la-carte through the Bizuno for WordPress module settings page.

From the WordPress admin page, click on Plugins -> Add New and search for Bizuno.

Now updates are easy and you have complete control over your data. Need help getting going? Phreesoft offers installation help (although it’s a breeze), training and full support plans. See the web site for more details.

PhreeSoft has completed the validation process and has been assigned a spot in the WordPress repository. What this means is Bizuno for WordPress will soon be available to download and install through a WordPress managed website. The Bizuno for WordPress version is similar in features to the free Basic PhreeSoft cloud hosted subscription. The main difference is all users of the WordPress version must have access to the admin section of the WordPress site.

We’ll post here once the Bizuno for WordPress release has completed final testing and is uploaded and available for you to download and install.