PhreeSoft has completed the validation process and has been assigned a spot in the WordPress repository. What this means is Bizuno for WordPress will soon be available to download and install through a WordPress managed website. The Bizuno for WordPress version is similar in features to the free Basic PhreeSoft cloud hosted subscription. The main difference is all users of the WordPress version must have access to the admin section of the WordPress site.

We’ll post here once the Bizuno for WordPress release has completed final testing and is uploaded and available for you to download and install.

As part of the latest revision Bizuno made some changes to posts based on the users timezone. This necessitated the need to create a new setting and all users should make sure their systems are updated. Even if you have made a change using the first (short) list, the code was deprecated and a new much more enhanced list has been created. This change can also be made to the Google calendar settings if you use the Google Calendar dashboard.

Under your Preferences -> My Business -> Bizuno tab -> Bizuno settings icon -> Settings tab -> Locale accordion

Select your timezone and press Save. Remember to press Save no matter what is selected on the list as your current setting needs to be replaced.

PhreeSoft updated the production servers this past weekend (2017-12-10) )and part of the upgrade was a re-sequencing of the way the application is loaded. If you are seeing strange behavior, the best solution is to close all but one of the tabs that have Bizuno running, log out and back in (to reload your browser cache) and then re-open additional Bizuno tabs. If you are still having problems, please submit a support ticket.

For all you calendar fiscal year folks, it’s time to generate a new fiscal year:

Go to Preferences (Your title in the upper right hand corner) -> My Business -> Bizuno tab -> PhreeBooks settings icon -> Fiscal Calendar tab -> and press the ‘Generate The Next Fiscal Year’ button. Should take a few seconds to build the database tables.

Now is also a good time to alter the dates of your newly created fiscal calendar. Bizuno does not allow changes once an entry has been made in a given fiscal year period.