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Integrated Accounting

At the center of all things is the PhreeBooks accounting engine. A full featured double entry journal based design that meets all the requirements of today’s’ industry accounting standards. Consisting of about 20 journals contained within a single database table, PhreeBooks is flexible, configurable and scalable.

Double Entry Accounting

Accepted around the world as the standard for accounting software. It’s programmed into the core of the application.

Multiple Currencies

Bizuno can handle multiple currencies, storing the exchange rate with the transaction. It can also generate reports in any currency using the current exchange rates.

 End-End Integration

The benefits of an all-in-one application is the complete integration with other features. No more importing/exporting or having your critical data scattered about.

Multiple Stores/Branches

Bizuno tracks purchases and sales from all your branches. You can also track your inter-store transfers.

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Inventory Management

Everything you need to manage your inventory, past, present and future. track costs in FIFO, LIFO or Average costing methods. Fully customizable and expandable and mostly extendable. And yes, it’s fully integrated with the other features in Bizuno.

Multi-tiered Price Sheets

Customer AND vendor price sheets enable prioritized pricing based on sale/purchase quantity, inventory SKU, and individual customer.


Analytics based on actual movement for costing, stock projections and average usage/sales. Huge help in managing your cash flow.

Standard Reports 

Reports for aging, details, movement, cost, and many more. Customizable reports to get the information you want.

Historical Costs and Sales

Historical tracking of purchases and sales. 

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E-commerce Management

Interface with popular shopping carts, download orders and upload products, Set order statuses to keep everything in sync. Interface with Amazon and with advanced features like automatic inventory feed generation, one-click reconciliation.

Don’t see your cart on our list? Not to worry, we take requests! Interfaces to most e-commerce applications can be completed in under a week.


Shipping/Logistics Management

So many features, so simple. Need to validate an address? Get real-time rate quotes? Go rate shopping to compare costs and transit times from multiple carriers? Want to print labels and bill of ladings directly from the carrier? Bizuno can do all that! How many hours do you spend reconciling the bill every week? Bizuno has that down to a few minutes. Know right away that all the charges are what you expect. There’s even a tool to track packages and verify they have been delivered on schedule.




Payment Gateway Integration

Bizuno has API’s to many payment processors. It’s OK to have a processor for your e-store and another for each of your brick and mortar stores. You can keep the bank you currently have fully integrated access as Bizuno can keep track of each one separately.


Warehouse Management 

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Keeping track of your stuff can be the difference between making the sale or not. There’s nothing better than realtime information. Knowing what is coming in, when it’s going to be here, how many there are and how long until it leaves, whenever, wherever.




Take control of your processes. Bizuno’s quality manager combined with the document control manager provides core functionality needed to manage your businesses processes and procedures. Corrective action and preventative action controls through the Quality manager, documents through the Document Manager. A great foundation for ISO compliance.



The Manufacturing manager gives yo complete control over your production processes. First reports let you know what to build, then build templates document and log each step of the assembly process. Work Order travellers follow the process with lot code recording, assembler and QC sign-off where desired.


Manufacturing Management

PhreeForm – Paper or e-Paper?

The PhreeForm report designer/renderer is what started it all. Originally architected for another accounting open source project back in 2006, PhreeForm has evolved into a powerful document generator only limited by the bounds of a database SQL statement. Whether it be paper (lots of shapes and sizes; letter, A4, etc), thermal labels, or receipt printers, Phreeform can generate just about any kind of document.


Basically anything the can be represented in list format. Reports can be emailed, dowloaded or printed in PDF, HTML, CSV or XML formats.


Forms are made up of building blocks on the page. Versatile, customizable, and plentiful. Images, barcodes, special messages to your customers. Yup, it’s your business you should be able to have your forms, your way.


Support for many thermal printers, Point of Sale wouldn’t be the same without it. 


Supports various label sizes. Print address labels, shipping labels and more.

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Over 50 Standard Dashboards

Dashboards provide a quick overview of your business. Bizuno’s dashboards are user configurable, moveable and customizable to provide only what you want to see. Once more, each major menu heading can have its own tailored dashboard for greater flexibility. Show just the day’s activity and overview information on your homepage while providing detailed drill down details tailored to the subject for quick access to even more details.

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