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Converting from Another Accounting Program (Line in the Sand)

Step-step guide to transition to Bizuno from your old accounting software

Converting from PhreeBooks 3.7 to Bizuno

By: David Premo, PhreeSoft Last Update: 2018-05-08 This article covers the conversion process from earlier PhreeBooks (Release 3.7 and earlier) to Bizuno. While the conversion process is fairly complete, there is still work that needs to be completed before and after moving to Bizuno. This process can take several hours and dry runs are imperative.…
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Entering Vendor Deposits

If your vendor requires an advanced payment or deposit for inventory items Bizuno has a process to properly account for such cases. The basic premise is to create a new purchase to an Other Current Assets account and pay your vendor off of that invoice. Then create a Vendor Credit Memo offsetting the deposit and…
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