Backing up Your Business Database  #

Navigation: Tools -> Business Backup

Your Bizuno data base files are protected against hardware failure through the PhreeSoft cloud platform. There may, however, be times when you want to maintain a local backup copy or your database. There are easy tools to help aid in this operation. Navigate to the backup Screen:

Bizuno Backup Main Screen
  1. If you also want your data files, check the box: Include Business Data Files (larger download, longer wait)
  2. Press the Backup Icon, the screen will enter a waiting state while the backup is complete.
  3. Once the backup is complete, the datagrid table will refresh and you backup will appear,press the download icon to save your backup to your local device. 

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Restoring an earlier backup

Restoring Your Business Database  #


Navigation: Tools -> Business Backup -> Restore icon

Bizuno provides a tool to restore your database from an earlier backup. The backup must be uploaded to your data space before the restore can proceed. Once the restore is complete you will need to log out and back in to reset your configuration values.

NOTE: If restoring your database, make sure all users are logged out of your business. If not, unexpected results and data corruption may occur.

Database Restore
  1. If the backup file is not present, it must be uploaded before the restore can begin.
  2. To upload a backup file: Press the Browse button and select the backup file from the file popup window. Press the Upload button.
  3. Once the file to restore is present, select the Import icon on the datagrid line of the file. Confirm the warning screen and the backup will begin.
  4. Once completed, press the Restart button to log out of the prior configuration and return to the Bizuno login page. 
  5. Log back into your business to reload your registry settings. Verify results.

Backing Up And Cleaning Out Out Your Transaction/Audit Log Database  #

Navigation: Tools-> Business Backup

Bizuno maintains a database table of the relevant transactions through the day, referred to as the Audit Log. Occasionally, it is good to discard the data from the table to help preserve space in your allocated cloud storage. Bizuno provides a tool to clean out this table and offer the information to be downloaded to your local device. Cleaning out your audit log will also help reduce the size of your backup files and speed up the backup operation.

NOTE: It is best to make a backup before you clean your audit log table. This will assure you do not lose any transaction log information.

Audit Log Backup and Clean
  1. Backup you audit log by pressing the Backup icon in the Back and Clean Transaction History fieldset.
  2. Once completed, the File datagrid will refresh and you should see a file bizuno_log-YYYYMMDD-*. Press the dwonload icon and the file will be downloaded to your local device.
  3. Archive the log per your business archive process.
  4. Once the audit log has been downloaded and saved. You may proceed to clean the audit log database table. Select a date from the date box [default today] that you want to remove all audit log transactions. I generally pick a date 14 days in the past. 
  5. Once a date has been selected, press the Go (next) icon to start the cleaning operation.

Backing Up and Cleaning Out Your Extension Files/Database  #

Backing up extension database tables are included with the main Bizuno backup. If an extension requires additional database operations, such as cleaning or validating, those operations can be found in the Settings -> Tools tab of the extension.

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