Customer Prices

Bizuno has sophisticated pricing capability that allows for large price structures for your customers.

Price Methods #

Bizuno gives you the ability to adjust product pricing in a variety of different ways. Pricing can be adjusted to reflect retail, dealer, MSRP or custom pricing. Quantity pricing can also be modified as well. 

Quantity Based Pricing #

Quantity based pricing means that price is dependent on the quantity ordered. Simply put, the more you order the less you pay.  Bizuno allows you to customize pricing levels or breaks based on quantities purchased. Breaks are established depending our your criteria.      

By Contact #

Bizuno also allows us to give special pricing by contact. In certain cases there are customers that order more frequently than fothers and may deserve a better price than others. Bizuno allows you to designate a price specifically for that customer.

By Inventory Item #

Price can also be designated by inventory item. This is the most straight forward method for pricing items. You just simply pick an inventory item and choose the price for the item. Prices are strictly based on what is designated for that item.

Precedence #

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