Customer Receipts

When a customer submits a payment for an outstanding invoice, the banking receipts function is used. 

This procedure covers payments via check, eft, or other method from a single customer. Receipt Ref Numbers are automatically generated by the system (but can be over-ridden) to group deposits together. Deposit reference numbers can be duplicated in the system.

Receiving Payment from a Customer #

  1. Select Banking->Customer Receipts .
  2. Enter the Customer ID or press the open icon next to the Customer ID field. A popup will appear only displaying the customers with outstanding invoices. 
  3. Select the customer that you received a payment from. The popup window will close and fill in the list of outstanding invoices on the Pay Bills form.
  4. Check the Pay box of the invoices you wish to pay. Adjust the discount as necessary. 
  5. Enter a Reference Number in the Reference field.
  6. Enter the check number in the Deposit Ticket ID field.
  7. Enter the date of the check (default is today).
  8. Change the cash and discount accounts if necessary.
  9. Select the Payment Method from the pull down menu. Fill in any necessary payment information.
  10. Either Save or Print the payment. Saving is typically used for payments received where no receipt is necessary whereas printing is typically used for when a receipt is necessary (such as POS). The payment will be posted to the general ledger. 

To pay a bill via EFT, credit card, and other non-check methods  #

  1. Follow the procedure above, except enter an unique Payment Ref that identifies the payment. Select the correct account and post the payment by clicking the Save icon.

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