Fixing ‘Trail Balance is Out of Balance Errors’

Occasionally you will go to post a transaction and you will come across the following error message and the post will fail:

Trial balance is out of balance, this can usually be fixed by re-posting the transaction. If your balance is not zero, you should validate and repair your gl balances in My Business -> Settings -> Bizuno tab -> PhreeBooks Settings icon -> Tools tab. Balance = 0.0005 (Should be zero) and Debits = 234.3413 and credits = 234.3671 in period 14

Every post has checks in place to make sure the double entry accounting standards are met. This error message is one of many checks that are performed with every transaction. This particular message represents rounding errors that accumulate over many transactions and eventually exceed the PhreeBooks threshold (typically 0.02). Most users will never see this message but if you have your number precision set below the currency precision this error may appear more often.

The Bizuno PhreeBooks module has a tool to re-align your general journal and reset these rounding errors. Here’s how to re-calibrate your journal:

WARNING: The tool must be run while no other transactions are being performed to prevent injecting improper balances into the journal. Since the tool typically takes under a minute per iteration to run, this is not to hard to do.

NOTE: This tool may need to be run multiple times to fix propagation errors from period to period. Once the tool runs through completely without any messages, your journal should be good to go.

  1. Navigate to: My Business -> Settings -> Bizuno tab -> PhreeBooks Settings icon -> Tools tab.Journal Balance Tool
  2. Click on Start in the fieldset Validate and Repair General Ledger Account Balances.Balance Tool Processing
  3. Bizuno will check every period and correct any errors. If any messages are displayed showing adjustments during the tool, the tool should be re-run again until all imbalances have been repaired.Balance Tool – Finished

NOTE: If the tool repairs the balances and you still receive the out of balance error, check all the GL accounts in your transaction to make sure they are all set and active.

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