Inventory Assemblies

Inventory assemblies are items or services that have been ‘assembled’ from one or more other inventory items or services. Assemblies are constructed from the bill of materials (BOM) which make up all the pieces necessary to complete the SKU. The bill of materials may contain materials that are sold independently from the final finished product but they don’t have to be. The most important thing to remember is that assemblies carry their own part number so that they can be tracked through the entire accounting process. In order to sell an inventory assembly item, it must be assembled in PhreeBooks to show stock on hand. Note that an assembled item may also be purchased directly in which case inventory will show stock but the PhreeBooks assembly step is not required.

The Inventory Side – The Assembly Itself #

The best way to demonstrate how to create a new assembly is through an example. Note that before an assembly can be created, all the sub-assembly items must exist in Bizuno Inventory.

WARNING: The BOM may be altered anytime PRIOR to a PhreeBooks journal entry post against the assembly. Once a post has been made, the BOM is locked and cannot be altered. This is a requirement for proper accounting of the SKU being altered.

The PhreeBooks Side – Assemblies in Action #

For the most part, assemblies are treated as inventory items of type: Stock. The only difference is that assemblies can be either ‘assembled’ using the PhreeBooks assembly procedure or purchased already assembled directly from your vendor.

Note: PhreeBooks will not allow the creation of an assembly to stock unless there is sufficient stock of the sub-assembly items to build the number of requested number of items.

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