Bizuno is designed to seamlessly integrate to any locale. These features include language translation files, number formats, currency formats and timezone adoptions. Most locale settings are located in the Bizuno administration settings screen. Language, however, can be set by the user and is remembered through a cookie placed in your browser. Bizuno allows for only one locale setting to be applied to your business as the default.

Assigning a language at site entry #

Preferred languages can be set as default by passing the preferred ISO language code through the URL:

Additionally, language can be selected at login:

PhreeSoft is always looking for translators to add more language options to Bizuno. We have developed a tool to assist in the translation task. If you have some spare time and would like to assist us, please fill out a support ticket and we will contact you with the details. The current language file is about 2000 lines, ranging from single words to multi-line instructions.

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