Migrating from PhreeBooks 3.7 to Bizuno

All distributions of Bizuno come with access to the PhreeBooks conversion extension. This extension will convert your PhreeBooks Release 3.7 database and file system into the Bizuno format. If your PhreeBooks installation is not at R3.7, it must be upgraded before the conversion script can be run. Phreesoft hosted memberships get free technical support to help you convert your PhreeBooks system to Bizuno.

This article covers the conversion process from earlier PhreeBooks (Release 3.7 and earlier) to Bizuno. While the conversion process is fairly complete, there is still work that needs to be completed before and after moving to Bizuno. This process can take several hours and dry runs are imperative.

If you use any PhreeBooks extension, make sure they are purchased and installed prior to doing the conversion so your existing data get converted over.

WARNING: The tool has been run on earlier releases of PhreeBooks but doing so typically results in extra manipulation of the sql file to complete the conversion process. PhreeSoft offers support as a paid service, expect several hours of engineering time to successfully import the data. 


  • PhreeBooks 3.7.x (latest sub-version)
  • Installed and operational Bizuno installation. Any host will work, PhreeSoft cloud, Bizuno for WordPress or PhreeBooks 5
  • Text editor that can handle large files (BBEdit for Macs, Notepad++ for Windows)
  • FTP access to BOTH the PhreeBooks 3.7 and Bizuno file systems. For PhreeSoft cloud users, PhreeSoft will provide free assistance, please contact us.
  • Download and Install Bizuno Migrate from the WordPress store.

NOTE: Due to the major re-write of the PhreeForm application, reports do not convert very well. I recommend that the standard Bizuno reports be used and modified to replicate your current forms.

Preparing Your Data #

  1. In PhreeBooks 3.7, run your financial reports and download to your local machine. These will be necessary to compare with the post conversion results in Bizuno.
  2. In Bizuno, navigate to Tools -> Backup and Click the Backup icon in the Business Backup fieldset. This database will be erased completely during the conversion but this step is necessary to restore your database to the Bizuno default after the dry run, especially if the conversion fails and your database was left in a hybrid state between PhreeBooks 3.7 and Bizuno. In this case use phpmyadmin or similar to restore the Bizuno backup and start again.
  3. In PhreeBooks 3.7, backup your database and download to a local machine. Do not upload to Bizuno at this time. There is some editing that needs to be completed before the file is imported to Bizuno. Also download all contents of your /my_files folder.
  4. For PhreeSoft hosted, fill out a support ticket and PhreeSoft will take it from here. We will notify you when the conversion is complete and you can review the results. For all others, read on:
  5. DB PREFIXES MUST MATCH: Unzip and Edit the downloaded PhreeBooks database file. Use a text editor to change PhreeBooks prefixes to match your Bizuno prefixes. Typically, there are three search/replace globals that should take care of this:
    1. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tbd_* [to new prefix]
    2. CREATE TABLE `tbd_* [to new prefix]
    3. INSERT INTO `tbd_* [to new prefix]
  6. Verify the database doesn’t get changed (comment out):
    2. — USE `PB_DB_NAME`;
  7. Save the modified sql file and re-zip it, I use zip format.
  8. Upload phreebooks 3.7 files to your Bizuno application as follows:
    1. zipped sql in /myFolder/backups/*.sql.zip
    2. Copy all of the data files in your PhreeBooks 3.7 to /myFiles/backups/my_files/* (remove the db_name level). The Bizuno folder will need to be created. If you are running multi_business in PhreeBooks 3.7, only one of the business files should be moved over.
  9. Navigate to Tools -> Import/Export -> PhreeBooks Conversion tab. You should see your zipped db file listed.

Your First Trial Run, Rinse and Repeat #

  1. If you are a PhreeSoft cloud subscriber, we take care of this entire process for you. For all others:
  2. Log into Bizuno with admin (Full or Level 4) privileges for all modules.
  3. Navigate to Tools → Import/Export, PhreeBooks Conversion tab
  4. Change folder path to where files are stored if not backups/my_files
  5. Press the import icon of the backup sql from PhreeBooks. Watch for errors. This process is completed in two steps. The first can take several minutes and the screen will be greyed out. The second part is in steps and a counter will notify you of progress.
  6. Once the conversion is complete, you will need to reboot to reload the cache and initialize the registry:
    1. Replace converted reports with standard reports. You can edit them now but you will need to do this again after the final conversion. I would wait.
    2. Verify PhreeBooks totals are enabled, Inventory pricing methods should all be installed. Again, this can wait until after
    3. Check myFiles/* files to make sure they were converted over.
    4. Check currency settings, they may need to be re-saved to clean up and set the defaults.
    5. Verify financial reports with the PhreeBooks 3.7 reports. They should match (unless you modified the balance sheet and/or income statement)
  7. If any errors occur, check with the community forum for suggestions on how to resolve your error. Repeat the trial run until everything finishes properly.
  8. If all is good, you can skip the next section, and continue with the Post Mortem. You can also restore the Bizuno backup, which backs out the database changes only (the data files will still remain unless you delete them) or do some testing with your trial run data until you are ready for the real thing.

Game Day #

  1. Same as trial run but make sure no new PhreeBooks data is added, i.e. do during off hours.
  2. After the conversion has been verified, the source files in the backup/my_files folder can be deleted. Also, the original PhreeBooks R3.7 database file is no longer needed.
  3. Check for orphaned CRM records (dept_rep_id) = null or 0. This cleans out a bug in PhreeBooks that will assign all “Unassigned” contacts to every contact.

Post Mort em #

  1. Import business logo, My Business → Settings → Bizuno → Bizuno ERP Settings → My Business Accordion → Click image and create logo in Image Manager, select to insert, save settings.
  2. The Report/Form conversion fails miserably so no conversions are performed. The original Bizuno Forms/Reports are kept. They must be edited to replace logos, format and fields per your needs.
  3. Create roles and assign users to roles. All users are assigned to the role Admin after the conversion.
  4. Review settings for ALL modules and extensions. My Business → Settings → * Settings icon for all tabs. Install any new extensions as necessary.
  5. Check Inventory Pricing method to make sure all methods are installed.
  6. Verify financials match the financials from your PhreeBooks 3.7 at time of export.

This is a very complex process, please send feedback on this process to PhreeSoft so I can keep this up to date.

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