Migrating from PhreeSoft Cloud to Bizuno for WordPress

Prepare new site: #

  1. Create and initialize new WordPress website. Make sure admin email address matches admin address of the new WordPress site.
  2. Download Bizuno and all available plugins from WordPress store.
  3. Activate all Bizuno plugins (bizuno-accounting last)
  4. Manually install Bizuno Pro if purchased.
  5. Navigate to Bizuno from the  admin screen and complete the installation. Details are not important as the db will be overwritten during this process.

Prep for Migrate #

  1. Create users with same email to match existing Bizuno user emails. Note that they do not need to be WordPress admins, contributor or customer is ok.
  2. Log out of WordPress. This will force the reloading of the cache after the upgrade.

Migrate #

  1. Log into current PhreeSoft Cloud or PhreeBooks 5 account and navigate to Tools -> Backup and backup database. Download to local machine. Logout.
  2. Zip all files and folders in the myFiles folder (PhreeBooks 5 only). PhreeSoft cloud data files need to be requested from the Biznerd team.
  3. Unzip the database backup file and open with a text editor. Something that can handle the file size is a must. I use BBEdit on my mac, Notepad++ should do it for a PC.
  4. The prefix of the tables needs to be changed (the default Bizuno cloud prefix is empty, the default WordPress prefix is wp_ if yours is different then replace wp_ with your prefix), this can typically be completed with a set of global search and replace for 5 strings like:

Replace: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `wp_bizuno_

Replace: CREATE TABLE `wp_bizuno_

Search:  LOCK TABLES `
Replace: LOCK TABLES `wp_bizuno_

Search:  INSERT INTO `
Replace: INSERT INTO `wp_bizuno_

Search:  ALTER TABLE `
Replace: ALTER TABLE `wp_bizuno_

  1. Upload the data zip file to the new server and unzip into the data folder (typically wp-content/uploads/bizuno/)
  2. Zip the edited file and upload to you WordPress site in the folder wp-content/uploads/bizuno/backups folder.
  3. Navigate to Tools -> Backup -> Restore icon. Upload database downloaded from step 1. From the action column of the table, click the restore and follow on screen instructions. This process will overwrite the current temporary install and upon the first login will perform the upgrade of the database. At the end of the restore, the user will be logged out. Log back in and the upgrade will automatically occur.
  4. May have to change ownership of files if file was unzipped through a terminal. Also, PhreeSoft is still working on issues with conflicts when running Bizuno in the admin screen. If this is the case, create a new WordPress page titled Bizuno, verify permalink are enabled and navigate to full screen mode (https://www.yourdomain.com/bizuno/) and the display issues should be fixed.

WordPress Notes: #

  • Do not cache or speed-up Bizuno the full screen page, accelerator plugins like WP-Rocket) cause full screen mode to crash.
  • Install and activate all Bizuno companion plugins prior to activating the Bizuno Accounting plugin, this includes the Bizuno Pro plugin.

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