Reports and Forms

  • Balance Sheet – The balance sheet is one of the two MUST HAVE reports in any financial software application. The balance sheet report supplied as a standard report is configured for the USA but may be adequate for other locales as well. If you need your balance sheet report in another format, check the website or contact the BizNerds for assistance.
  • Trial Balance – The trial balance report lists all of your gl accounts and the balance for a given period. 
  • Income Statement – The income statement is the other MUST HAVE report. Like the balance sheet this report details your cash movement for a give period.
  • Income Statement 2/Years – This report is identical to the Income statement report but also includes the financial activity from the prior fiscal year. It is a great report to see how your business changed from year to year. 
  • General Ledger Report – This report is handy to view detailed activity in your books. Viewed with the default filters, the report can be long but comprehensive. Using filters,  this would be the report of choice to review activity within a single gl account for tax reporting, expense monitoring, etc.

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