The Roles Manager defines what level of security clearance users may have.  Roles are useful when you want to limit the amount of access a user has within the database.  For instance, a lower tier employee would have no business accessing deposits, purchasing or receivables but would still need the ability to create invoices or utilize the POS system.  Roles in Bizuno can accomplish just that.  It gives certain users to ability to access what they need and keeps them from accessing what they don’t.  The Roles defined for each user can vary in not only what they are able to see but also what they are able to edit.  In this chapter we will cover the levels of ability within Bizuno and how to utilize Roles to get the most out of the software.

Upon initial installation, the user that is created has full permission to all modules, extensions and features associated with the business.  Only one role is allowed per username, to access your business. This user is considered the administrator and is assigned the role Admin.

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