Bizuno has several levels of security built into the software.

Level 1: Bizuno Portal – The portal is your first line of defense. No one gets in without a registered username/password combination. 

Level 2: Security by Roles – Set within your business. Users with permission to manage roles have the ability to prevent unauthorized access to any registered user from any feature. Access levels can be set to:

  1. None – This level hides the menu and also prevents direct access by URL to the feature.
  2. Read-Only – This level allows users to see the page but typically will not allow any changes. 
  3. Add – This level will allow initial creation of a record but prevents the record from being altered once created. 
  4. Edit – This level allows all features of a menu item EXCEPT deletion. Users may enter and edit the record.
  5. Full – This level allows full access to the feature, including deletion of information.

Level 3: Security by User – Additionally, modules may offer additional restrictions to users. An example is PhreeBooks multi-store which has the ability to restrict users to a specific store, and sets default GL accounts. Additional Security Features 

Along with the core security mentioned above, some modules allow additional security to help tailor you business to your needs. To list a few:

PhreeForm – The PhreeForm module allows additional security to be applied to individual reports. Reports can be locked from editing for most employees through the level 2 security above so reports cannot be altered by them. Individual users (or roles) can be set to view Financial Statements. When a reports security is set to users/roles, only those included will have access to the report. Others will not even know it’s there.

Security levels can also be adjusted across the board for a user.  Rather than adjusting the security level for one category at a time.  Security levels can be adjusted over all categories as shown above.  To do this enter the title of the user into the title field and use the drop down to select the level of security desired.  You can also customize clearance further by selecting a security level across the board and then going back later and adjusting the levels individually.  For instance, let’s say you had a sales associate.  Say you wanted that sales associate the ability to read everything but only edit the customer manager.  You would enter their title into the title field, select read only from the drop down box.  Then locate Customer Manager from Contacts Tab -> Customer Manager and change the Customer Manager drop down to edit.  Now the Sales Associate is able to read everything but only able to edit information within the Customer Manager.

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