Bizuno supports multiple users each assigned multi-level security. During initial setup the administrator user is defined and given full privileges. The administrator can then add additional users and set security appropriately. Each module has an unique security ID and can be set to the following levels: 

  • None – No access. Users with this security will not see the module as part of the menu. 
  • Read Only – The user can only open and read the information. they are not permitted to save and changes they make to the record. In this case, the Save icon will not be displayed. 
  • Add – The user can create records but cannot edit them or delete them. 
  • Edit – The user can add and edit a record but cannot delete the record. 
  • Full – The user has full read/write access to the record.

Bizuno user accounts allow for individualized access to the Bizuno modules. User accounts are used in the audit log, setting access permissions, and permissions for reports. 

When the Bizuno system is installed, a single administrator account is added given full permission to access all of the PhreeBooks functionality. New users can be added and thier access can be controlled to modules that they are given permission to access. If No Access is given to a function, the option will not appear in their menu when they log in. 

NOTE: When adding new modules, permissions have not been established and the modules will not be visible. Each user account will need to be edited and the appropriate permission added to access the module.

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