Using Barcode Scanners

Bar code scanners are simply quick keyboard entry mechanisms (they scan the code and enter it into the field). To work in a web based application, the cursor needs to be in the field you want to enter the code into. If you enable bar code scanners for item entry, place the cursor in the SKU field of the first line and scan the product. The quantity will assume 1, the details will be retrieved and a new line will be added and the cursor placed in the SKU field of the next line. Successive scans will continue the operation. Items can be added very quickly this way.

Choosing a Barcode Scanner #

Bizuno has been tested with many bar code scanners. Some barcode scanners automatically insert an ‘Enter’ after they enter the code. If you scanner does this, the automatic return feature must be disabled. This is because of the EasyUI GUI that needs to see the codes with focus in the field to properly process the input. By pressing Enter, focus on the field is yielded and the script will not recognize the input. This affects many areas within Bizuno that automatically enter data and generate pop ups based on exact matches in the field.

Barcode Settings #

My Business -> Settings -> Bizuno tab -> Inventory Settings icon -> Settings tab -> General accordion

There is only one setting for barcodes, that is the expected length of the code for the item rows in the PhreeBooks order screens. The default value is 12 based on the length of most UPC codes but some locales use a 13 digit barcode. When using barcodes in the PhreeBooks order screens for looking up items, the resulting hits on the server look at the SKU and UPC code fields and if an exact match is found, the item is auto-filled into the row, a new row is added and the focus is set to the new line.

Some managers monitor a specific field and react accordingly. The Shipping manager label generation feature is a good example of this capability where the label popup is automatically selected if the Invoice reference number is an exact match to an unshipped order.

Adding Barcodes to Documents #

One or more barcodes can be added to any form. Use the PhreeForm editor to add barcodes in the Fields tab. Several code types are supported and options include placement, size and color.

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