Bizuno 2.0 – Coming Soon

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Bizuno 2.0 – Coming Soon

PhreeSoft is nearing the release of Bizuno 2.0. While the new release will have the same look and feel as 1.x, Release 2.0 contains structural changes necessary to covert Bizuno to a stateless design. What this means is that there will no longer be reliance on session variables, tying your current browser to a specific server. This will allow us to alter the load balancing servers on a request by request basis versus a user session basis, geek translation: faster and more reliable page loads.

This upgrade will happen automatically and no disruption in service should be seen.

We have also added a new extension, Customer Drop Ship, which will take an open Sale and automatically generate a purchase order to the preferred vendor to drop ship the order, easy-peasy.

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