Bizuno Release 3.4.2

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Bizuno Release 3.4.2

Phreesoft performed a short turn release today to fix a bug introduced in Release 3.4.1 that prevented the totaling of orders when the default quantity was left at quantity one. Although the orders were posted properly, the improper calculation of the subtotal affected the tax calculations at the order level and confusion. This release addresses this issue.

In this release is also another significant change. Bizuno now uses FPDF to generate PDF documents moving away from the deprecated TCPDF library. Preliminary tested was completed on the FPDF library including currency character generation and operation on both reports and forms. There may be issues with some non-english language translations. If you are having issues, please contact us and we will make it a priority to get these resolved. Also, the FPDF barcode library is smaller than that available with TCPDF. The core barcodes are included and tested but if anyone comes across a barcode that they have to have, let us know and we will see if we can modify the barcode library from TCPDF to work in the FPDF script.

You may also notice some differences in the appearance of your PDF documents. In most cases, a simple adjustment to the report to correct for sizing differences can be made to quickly fix the problem.

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