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Your Back-Office Best Friend

Bizuno brings accounting and small business applications to a whole new level. Its roots date back to the open-source PhreeBooks ERP application developed by PhreeSoft and first released in 2007. Bizuno, being the next evolution of the PhreeBooks open source accounting application, has expanded well beyond its predecessor. All this plus the integration with other managers for Customers, Vendors, Inventory, Production, Warehouse, Logistics makes Bizuno an extremely powerful cost-effective tool for operating and managing your business.

Just some of the features…

Debits = Credits

Double-entry, a must for any legitimate accounting application. Every journal entry must be in balance or it doesn’t post.

Journal Based Database

Bizuno utilizes a single journal database table to store all journal entries. That makes searching easier and faster while keeping activity isolated to the feature they are associated with.

Checks & Balances

Journal integrity testing through the post process. Transaction database to protect your journal entries should all things considered not be equal.

Journal Searching & Tools

Quick and flexible journal searching to find that ‘remember when’ transaction. Journal tools to verify and check your trial balance to make sure all is well.