Customer/Vendor CRM

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Why limit Your CRM to Just Your Customers?

Bizuno provides equally powerful CRM capability to BOTH your customers and vendors. Integrated with the PhreeBooks accounting engine, the CRM features are powerful and detailed. Get quick answers to the questions you have about your customers and vendors.

Most Features Apply to Both Customers and Vendors

Realtime History

Get quick summaries to historical sales and purchase activity with quick links to the full details. Record contact preferences and set defaults. There’s even a log of contact interaction including invoices issued through PhreeBooks.

Address Book for Shipping and Billing Data

Separate address books for each contacts billing and shipping addresses. Unlimited number of entries for either.

CRM Within a CRM

Within each contact is a list of their contacts. This allows the customer/vendor record to consolidate the information of their entire organization. Easily find the right person to get the information you need. 

General/SKU Level Price Sheets Per Contact

Integrates with the versatile pricing features in the Inventory Manager to allow each customer to have their own custom price. 

Analytics and Sales/Purchase Charts

Get your customers monthly sales in a pop up chart. Look at historical purchases. View even more summaries or details with the Powerful PhreeForm report tool. The options are unlimited.


Add user defined tabs and fields for even more customization.