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Get Your Own Look and Feel

This is the hidden jewel within Bizuno. Don’t be stuck with pages designed by someone else cluttering your screen with information you never need or use. Bizuno has built in customization capability that lets you have things you way. All the summary manager screens can be customized to show just the information you want. Add a column, change the content, or hide a column. It is all possible without modifications to the core code. No worries about losing your customizations after an upgrade. 

Before, During or After, Its All Possible


Every page request passes through a composer to create the next masterpiece. Customizations can either intercept the data coming in or modify the data coming out. Once the page has been composed, it gets rendered in front of your eyes, exactly as you want to see it.

Premium Members

While customization is built in to the architecture of Bizuno, there is programming knowledge required to get them to work. Premium members get limited free customizations. Contact us and we’ll see what you have in mind.

Its in the Details

Add tabs and extra fields to many manager and detail pages. Re-arrange the order of display. Filter what you want to see. Bizuno is about your business and should be easily configurable to give you the look and feel you need to be successful.

More Actions

Some customizations need the PhreeSoft touch, others are already there. Quick actions and combination events speed you through order entry and other PhreeBooks activities.