E-Commerce Integration

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One Central Database -> More Consistent Cart

With the integration of the Inventory Manager, Pricing Manager, and your shopping cart, your data becomes consistent between your internal state and your e-store. Additionally, Bizuno supports multiple e-stores and keeps all your inventory listings, orders, and tracking in one central location. No more import/export, hand validation or manual tracking number entry. In fact, with the Bizuno e-commerce interfaces you have very little need to consult with your shopping cart administrator for daily activities. Set it and forget about it. That’s easy!


Bizuno Handles Your Daily Shopping Cart Activities

Upload Inventory With All The Details

One button, up it goes, everything per your specifications. Stock quantities, descriptions, quantity discounts, images, and more. Customizations allow for flexibility and enhanced product descriptions.

Download Orders As They Are Placed

Many cart interfaces have an auto-download feature that send your customers orders directly into your PhreeBooks Sales Manager as they are placed. All have the ability to manually download orders at your leisure.

One Click Daily Upload of Order Status

One click at the end of the day uploads all the order tracking information to your shopping cart. With all the information contained within the Bizuno toolbox, no import/export gymnastics are needed.

Keep your Carts and ERP in Sync

Only items selected to upload to the cart are sent to the cart. As your product line-up changes. It is important to keep everything on the same page. Another one click solution quickly identifies product listed on your cart that shouldn’t be there. They can even be automatically removed, but only if that’s what you want.

Automate Amazon/WalMart – Isn’t Life Grand

Scripts to make selling on Amazon a snap. Bulk import of the day’s orders. Bulk inventory feed file generation. And best of all, reconciliation in seconds, to the penny!