Hosting – The Choice is Yours

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You Choose Where Your Data Resides

At PhreeSoft, we believe that you should always be in control of your data. We have worked with businesses all over the globe and each business should have the power to decide and control their intellectual property. That’s why we provide Bizuno as a freely available application to all. Where you host is entirely dependent on how you want to secure your data and how much effort and cost you want to devote to maintaining and server. All variants provide the same core code, extensions and support. Customization and training is available for all options.

PhreeSoft Cloud

  • We maintain servers; secure and up to date
  • Available anywhere in the World
  • Always has the latest Updates
  • Direct Access to PhreeSoft Support
  • Premium members also get assistance with customizations, many are free

PhreeBooks 5

  • Your Servers; Your Maintenance
  • Reachable as you define, Inside or Outside of your Firewall
  • Update at your convenience - Auto-update script is included with PhreeBooks 5
  • Paid techincal support plan is available
  • Extensions available a la carte

WordPress Plugin

  • Your server; either outside hosted or self-hosted
  • Access anywhere or just behind your firewall (self-hosted)
  • Update automatically through WordPress Admin control panel
  • Paid support plan available
  • Extensions available a la carte