PhreeBooks 5 – Your Servers; You’re in Charge

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PhreeBooks 5PhreeSoft is using the Bizuno library as a base for the newest release of PhreeBooks. PhreeBooks 5 will update many of the deprecated features in PhreeBooks 3.7, including mysql library support (in favor of PDO), POS drawer support and label printing support. It also utilizes the jQuery EasyUI interface and tons of bug fixes. It is still based on the PhreeBooks accounting engine but now runs faster and has added a new journals for store transfers, vendor refunds and customer refunds. PhreeBooks 5 is part of PhreeSoft’s efforts to make our accounting application available to a broad range of users. The PhreeBooks project has been updated and maintained at GitHub ( and All support and documentation is located in this website. All versions have the same look and feel and data is transferable across any hosting application.

PhreeBooks Project Page

The PhreeSoft project is hosted at under the name PhreeBooks.

A Note on PhreeBooks 4.0

PhreeBooks R4.0 is still under development at but is a completely different code base. The developer of 4.0 is not sure when the initial release will be available. PhreeSoft did not want to dissuade the development effort but needed to release a newer version of PhreeBooks and decided to skip over R4.0 directly to R5.0.

PhreeBooks Release 3.7 and below

PhreeSoft has deprecated PhreeBooks 3.7 and below. As such, all versions have been removed from the GitHub repository. PhreeBooks 5 does have a conversion tool available in the store (for free) that will convert your PhreeBooks 3.7 database to PhreeBooks 5. Instructions on the conversion procedure can be found in the Knowledge Base.