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Bizuno - PhreeSoft HostedBizuno brings accounting and small business applications to a whole new level. It’s roots date back to the open-source PhreeBooks ERP application first released in 2007 bringing years of experience and knowledge.  Hosted in the PhreeSoft cloud, Bizuno takes away all the complexities of running your own server, maintain and upgrading your apps and securing your data from those nasty hackers.

There’s too many features to list here but this is just the highlights:

  • Multi-user. multi-language, and multi-currency
  • Full double-entry accounting
  • Customer and vendor management, CRM
  • Inventory management, including assemblies, FIFO, LIFO and average costing, and much more
  • Huge laundry list of tools and settings to make your business run smoothly
  • Extensible with dozens of extensions, interfaces and tools
  • Customizable for that special ‘I wonder if it can get it to do this’ moment

Looking to host your own copy of Bizuno? Try Bizuno for WordPress or PhreeBooks 5.

PhreeSoft Hosted Bizuno Products

Basic Subscription – FREE!

  • All the features included in the version available through WordPress and PhreeBooks 5 without the hassle of hosting your own website
  • 1 GB of cloud storage for your images and attachments
  • SSL access for securing your transactions
  • Automatic upgrades by PhreeSoft.
  • Assistance converting with earlier PhreeBooks database tables.

Premium Subscription – $300/year

Includes all the features of Bizuno Basic, In addition, premium members receive:

  • ALL PhreeSoft extensions
  • One year PhreeSoft technical support
  • Increased cloud storage to 10 GB
  • Priority access to the Bizuno developers through support tickets

Looking for More

PhreeSoft Local Hosting – Your Servers – Your Location. PhreeSoft offers support plans that can include hosting at your location. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Bizuno Custom/PhreeSoft Partners

We have worked with Franchises, re-sellers and other hosting businesses to bring Bizuno to their customers. If you are looking for offering Bizuno to your customers, Please contact us with your proposal.