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Bizuno for WordPressWe’ve added a new portal to the Bizuno library to run as a plugin within the WordPress administrator page. Same look and feel of the Bizuno interface with the powerful administration engine of WordPress.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress (minimum version 4.4, we’ve tested on the latest), we strongly recommend running Bizuno through secure SSL

How to Get and Install Bizuno for WordPress

Bizuno is now available at the WordPress plugin marketplace. To download and install the plugin:

  1. Log into your WordPress administration page.
  2. Click on Plugins to list your current plugins.
  3. Click on the Add New button at the top  of the page.
  4. Type bizuno in the search box and press enter.
  5. The Bizuno plugin should appear. Click the Install Now button to retrieve the plugin.
  6. Once the plugin has loaded, click the activate button.
  7.  You should see the Bizuno icon in the admin menu. Click the icon to load the portal.
  8. In the first dashboard, click the Install button to launch the installer pop up.
  9. A popup screen will be displayed to complete the installation (create database tables and file structure). Enter your business name (short version for now, max 16 characters) and select any other options from the pull down menus.
  10. Press the Next icon. Wait about 1-0 seconds and the home screen should be displayed. If you have any problems, visit the community forum for assistance.

Reporting Bugs

All questions, suggestions, and bugs should be reported through the community forum. Our developers monitor the forum and will address your concern.

Uninstalling Bizuno for WordPress

From the WordPress Administrator page, deactivate Bizuno Accounting. This doesn’t do much as the tables and files are still retained. To delete the plugin entirely, delete the plugin from the WordPress Administrator plugin page. Doing this will delete all files created in the /wp-content/uploads/bizuno folder and all Bizuno database tables. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR DATABASE AND FILES BEFORE DOING THIS!