Inventory Management

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Inventory Management – Know Your Stuff

Bizuno has a world class inventory management system. Tightly integrated with the PhreeBooks accounting module, the inventory manager tracks all your costs, movements, projections, and more. If you sell a product, even a service, the inventory manager is key to keeping all your sales channels in sync.


Too Many Features To List, Just a Few:

Integrated with PhreeBooks

Seamless integration allows for costing to be spot on. Whether it be an assembly, adjustment, purchase or sale. Track your cost to fractions of a penny and choose how and where to keep track this information. Cost of goods sold calculations are all taken care of in the background with exacting precision. 

Choice of Costing Methods

Most accounting applications only support a single type of costing. With Bizuno, you are in charge. FIFO, LIFO or Average costing methods are available at the individual inventory item level.

Several Inventory Types

Not all your inventory is the same. The Inventory Manager provides several choices of categorizing your products. and it all plays nice with your accounting manager. Stock,  Non-stock, Assemblies, Service, Labor, Description and more…

Historical Movements with Costing

Know what you sold, where you sold it, when you sold it, how much it sold for. Know what you bought, where you bought it and when you bought it and what you paid for it. Analytics provide movement averages and projections stock levels with lead time calculations so you never run out of an item.

Flexible Pricing Structures

Module driven pricing methods allow for all the flexibility you need. From basic pricing across all your products to individual pricing for any given inventory item to that special price for your good customers.

Integrated with Other Managers

Your business is only as good as your products or services. Since all you data is stored in a single application accurate and current information is critical to avoid costly errors due to missed sync’ing between disjointed software.


Similar to the Contacts Manager, the Inventory Manager allows for attachments and custom fields to be added to provide a single repository of data for all your products.

Import Your Existing Data

Import and export functionality allow quick and easy loading of your data. Converting from another system. A little formatting prep and one click, and all your products are in.

Reports, Reports, Reports

With several standard reports and the ability to generate unlimited more, you can get answers to just about any question you have. What is my inventory aging? Can I get a current list of stock? What SKU’s have sold the best, this week, this month, this year? We can go on, but I think you get it.