Logistics Management

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Shipping Has Never Been Easier!

There’s a lot more to handling your products delivery system that throwing stuff into a box, slapping on a label and waiting for the truck to show up. Bizuno is all over it. It starts with validating delivery address with the actual carrier used for the shipment. Then you can rate shop in seconds to find the best, fastest, and/or cheapest way to get it there. But wait, theres more! Print labels directly from Bizuno through the many direct API connections with each carrier. Addresses, package counts, sizes and weights are pre-filled out in the form. Then, after the package leaves, Bizuno is still on the scene with easy tracking directly from the Sales manager or Shipping Manager. And finally the bill. Yep, we have a script for that. Download the raw data from the carrier, upload into Bizuno and BANG! you get a complete reconciled report with analysis of transactions that exceed you preset thresholds. 


Before, During and After. Integrated and Easy!

Address Validation

Validate the address with any active carrier or use your preferred carrier to avoid those costly ‘address correction’ charges. Your packages get where they need to be when you expect them.

Rate Shopping

Realtime rate shopping with multiple carriers. Compare costs and delivery commitments to chose the one best for you and your customers.

Label Generation

Bizuno talks directly with the major carriers to request a shipping label directly from them. By doing this, the label details are integrated into the system for retrieval, if necessary, or analysis of costs and delivery performance.

Integrated Tracking

Your customers tracking information is easily available through the Sales Manager or shipping manager. Want to include the tracking on the Invoice or packing slip? That’s easy. Everything is integrated and readily available.

Late Shipment Identification

Need to keep your carriers honest? Our FedEx carrier extension has a built in bulk tracking tool that tracks every shipment for a given day provides a concise report on which of your packages made it on time and which didn’t. Take advantage of their late shipment guarantees to get some shipping costs back. This feature alone could cover your annual Bizuno Premium membership costs.

Invoice Reconciliation

Turn a multi-hour long process into minutes. The FedEx carrier extension has a build i reconciliation tool that analyzes your weekly bill and highlights the costs that exceeded your thresholds. A great tool to help understand your true costs of shipping.