Production Management

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Bring More Consistency to Your Products

If you assembly, package, construct or just want to improve your delivery process, do we have a tool for you. Bizuno’s template driven production manager provide a central repository of all things needed to bring consistency and accuracy to all things put together. Pulling data from other mangers, the one page traveller tells your assemblers everything they need to know; bill of materials, build instructions, sign-off requirements, even a picture of what the final product should look like. 

Meet Your Customers Expectations

Current Bill of Materials, Sales Demand

Working closely with the inventory manager and sales manager, the production manager pulls the latest BOM for consistent output every time. Actual sales metrics and derived stock levels help identify just how many you need on your shelves.

Process Controls

The templating system can be as simple or detailed as you want. Every step of the process has the option for data recording, assembler sign-off and/or quality sign-off. 

Reports, Past, Present and Future

Since all of your data is in one place, reports keep you up to date on inventory movements, historical averages, and projected stock levels. 

Your Templates for Your Processes

The production manager uses a SKU based template system so every time you build the widget off of the same procedure. Templates consist of one or more steps and can even automatically post the finished product to your inventory.