Banking and Money

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Cash, Checks or Credit, Doesn’t Matter

Bizuno doesn’t care how you receive payment from your customers. All of your transactions will be tracked and managed in a single location. Whether it be your merchant processors, cash or checks, you will know your entire financial status with just a few keystrokes. Conduct business in more than one currency? We do that too.


After All, Accounting is All About the Money

Talks Directly with Merchant Processors

Direct API access to many of the worlds top payment processors. Also speaks PayPal and even manages payment the old fashion way, paper checks. 

Instantly Posted to Close Out Your Sales

Being an integrated system, your customers payments instantly post to the sale. this allows fore easy tracking of your receivables. Dashboards provide an at a glance summary of where things are at.

Pay Your Bills

Record electronic payments or print checks directly from the application. Never wonder how much money you have in the bank. Pay your bills in a batch? Bizuno has a bulk payment feature that allows you to select which of the bills you want to pay and generates a separate check for each vendor. Cut your weekly payables tasks to minutes.

Quick View Bank Registers

Need to see how much cash you have now? Project how much you will have tomorrow? Bizuno provides a quick view register of each of your cash accounts and with the cash flow reports, you will know when to expect payments from your customers and when you need to pay your vendors.


Reconcile each bank account, each month to the penny. With a few tip and tricks under your belt, the grueling bank reconciliation process is complete in a jiffy.