PhreeForm Report/Form Tool

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Documents the Way You Want

Behind every manager is the PhreeForm report and Form designer and render feature. First start with over 50 standard reports. Put your logo on your invoices, add some special text, PhreeForm can do it all. All premium members get free support creating and customizing documents. More are available through the store, mostly free! 

Oh, the Possibilities

Standard and Specialized Reports

Reports are limited to things that can be arranged in a list. Not much of a limit really. Customizable in about every direction: Database Tables, Fields, Field filters, date filters, special processing, special formatting, hidden filters and of course, security. Output in PDF, HTML, CSV or XML displayed in your browser, downloaded to your computer or just send it as an email with a little note.

Professional Forms

Wether it be bank checks, invoices, purchase orders, or build orders, PhreeForm has you covered. Lots of standard forms categorized and ready on a clicks notice. Pull an invoice from the sale manager, list your favorites on your very own dashboard then email, print or download to become part of bigger things.

Receipts and Labels

Even the special stuff. Print receipts directly from your terminal to a local receipt printer. It’s something we call a serialized form. A hybrid between a report and a form. Labels? Straight from the USPS, FedEx or UPS to your nearest label printer. Or customize you own to stick on your packages for tracking, special instructions or just to say thanks for the order.


Your documents need to reflect your business. Should one of the standard reports not quite cut it. Make a copy and make it just the way you want. Add a splash of color, logos, bar codes. There’s not much you can’t do, with a little practice, to pull the information you want and send wherever you want.


PhreeForm uses the same user/role security as the rest of Bizuno but at the document level. Protect your financials from prying eyes. The shipping department can be configured to only see the documents they need to get the job done. Easy peasy.