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If you are like us, your business is your life. Protecting your intellectual property is at the heart of what makes your business special. PhreeSoft has equipped Bizuno with the latest protections be it Extended Validation SSL protection for site authenticity on the Bizuno portal to keeping employees prying eyes away from areas they do not belong. Other than a handful of industry standard support libraries, only PhreeSoft developed code is allowed to be a part of the Bizuno application

The Bizuno Portal

The Bizuno portal used for PhreeSoft hosted users uses a separate domain name with only PhreeSoft developed software running in it. You will know you are there by the extended validation SSL certificate and continuous McAfee security monitoring verifies the site will stay safe.

Control Access to Your Business

Users can only be granted access to your business by an administrator of your business. Without it, they cannot get past the portal log in. 

You Control Your Users Features

Bizuno uses a user/role architecture to control access to the many features. With this design, new employees can be assigned a role that has been pre-defined to their job description. If a user does not have access permission, the menu feature is not displayed. Can’t see it, can’t go there. There’s even protection for those that try to access a feature through the ‘back door’.


Within every menu item, administrators can control the individual users permissions. Permission levels include none, read only, add, edit, and full. With no permission, the menu item is not displayed.


Every Report and Form uses the roles/user information to restrict access to the document. Users that are not on the list will never see the document. Protections are also present to prevent ‘document hunting’ by checking security before rendering the document.


Many extensions use the same permission and user/role settings to give you exact control over your information. 


Many dashboards also utilize the user/role settings. You don’t want the wrong set of eyes looking at the financial summaries without you knowing. Bizuno protects against that.