Tools and Administration

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Your Toolbox and IT Manager

Loaded with short cuts, helpers, quick looks and more, Bizuno make your work not easy but fast. Imaging processing an order from you shopping cart to the printed label in under one minute. Bizuno can do that. Every manager has settings and configuration pages to make sure your business operates at peak efficiency. Want confidence in your data? PhreeBooks has validation tools and re-posting tools to make sure your books are accurate and always in balance. Behind the scenes are checks and balances throughout to make sure bad data doesn’t infect your journals. Close old quotes, backup your data, check for open orders, there’s so much and more.

Be Confident in Your Data

Journal Tools

PhreeBooks, inventory manager and contacts manager all have tools to verify your databases’ integrity. Backup and restore to protect your data and make snapshots of critical dates (like end of your fiscal year). 


Too many to list. Settings for just about anything. Set default GL accounts, addresses, application behavior, API credentials, inventory defaults and what features you want to turn on or off.


We like to call them helpers, you will just smile and say “that was easy”. You will be amaze how easy it is to move around with all these interconnected managers and how the data from one appears in another. Taking an order and need more information of an inventory items? Click the properties icon on that row and you get a pop up will all the details. You don’t have to leave the application.


Control all of your unlimited users with a manager for them and a manager for your roles. Link your users to your employee manager to have them display (and default) on the Reps list. Users can be set to no access, read only, add, edit, full (delete) and admin. Each successive level has more privileges than the prior.