Warehouse Management

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The Wizard Behind the Curtain

With everything under one roof, warehouse management just happens. Know what’s coming in, when it’s coming in, what’s there, how many are there, how old they are, where they are and where they are going. More importantly, it’s all available in realtime. No more importing/exporting, synchronizing with other systems or just guessing.

Knowledge is power

Extends the Sales Manager

You will know at the point of sale everything you need about the product you are selling. Quantities in stock, on sales order, on purchase order. Even quantities allocated to future sales or to be part of an assembly.

Extends the Inventory Manager

Everything you need to know about that special widget. Bizuno includes an impressive list of feature about your items. If that’s not enough, unlimited custom fields and category tabs can be added for even more details. 

Extends the Logistics Manager

It’s tough to ship something if it’s not there. Your shipping and receiving team members have, at their fingertips, status on stock levels, locations, and the day’s projected activities.

Extends the Purchase Manager

Tracking inventory from procurement, to warehousing to sales can be a daunting task. The Bizuno managers are all over this. All this knowledge integrated into a single app.