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    So this is a helpful little thing I managed to copy the functionality of. In the customer manager under notes, Bizuno by default puts an entry in the contact log when you send an invoice to your customer via email. What I have noticed is that, the same thing isn’t true for when you send a purchase order to a vendor via email. So I did a little digging and found out you can easily add that functionality to the purchase order form, so when you send a purchase order it will be logged in customer manager. Here is how to add that, go to reports>vendors>purchase order and click the edit button to edit the purchase order. Once the edit screen comes up click the settings tab and then go to the line “2 Enter log on email”, currently it’s the third one down. Then all you do is paste in or select:”journal_main.Bill Contact Record ID” and hit save. Once your done you can test by just picking a PO and emailing it to yourself. In the contacts log for that vendor you will see what PO, when and to what email it was sent.

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