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    For the last year I’ve been getting all settled in bizuno and it has worked wonderfully. But as of November, all of our vendors have been having price increases. It’s easy enough to have the system increase the cost on items as they are purchased, and that works great. But we have lots of items that are assemblies of those items. Now the assembly cost has risen, but since we typically never purchase the assemblies on their own their cost never updates. I can open the item, have the system tell me the current assembly cost, enter it in the cost field, then save it, but that is a very manual process. We have lots and lots of these assemblies and adjusting all their costs manually is just asking for something to get skipped or messed up. I thought that would be a great addition to Bizuno, a tool that will go through all your assembly inventory items, run their current cost, and update the assembly cost with that. Computers are much better at doing this type of thing in a thorough, correct and consistent manner than I am, this could be a helpful addition to the system.



    Good Idea, Brett.

    I have added a tool to the Inventory settings, tools tab. It will appear in Release 2.0.9, in a couple of days.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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