Important Announcement Regarding Bizuno Platform Releases

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Important Announcement Regarding Bizuno Platform Releases

Effective January 1, 2021 PhreeSoft will be discontinuing support for the PhreeSoft Cloud and PhreeBooks 5 platforms. The Bizuno for WordPress plugin will be the only available variant to host the Bizuno library. This change will allow PhreeSoft to focus on developing the worlds best ERP eco-system that can all be operated within a single CMS architecture. WordPress is the worlds leading CMS system with millions of installs and thousands of themes and plugins to do just about anything. By focusing our efforts on this single platform we will be able to allocate more resources to create a easily managed, and efficient online presence for your business. You will be able to run your entire business from your current domain with seamless integration between business operations. All your business data from e-Commerce, Marketing, Shipping, Accounting to CRM will all reside in a single database and provide unparalleled integration and simplify your daily tasks.

PhreeSoft is committed to assisting current user of these releases with migration to the WordPress platform. We will be creating a BizSchool help file to walk through the process. Since the database is the same between all releases migration can be completed in under one hour.

What this means for current users of PhreeBooks 5

Effective November 1, 2020, both the and repositories will be terminated. There will not be any new releases to PhreeBooks 5 effective immediately. Current installs of PhreeBooks 5 will continue to operate, however, updates will no longer be available. Purchased extensions will also operate until the support license expires.

What this means for PhreeSoft hosted users

Effective January 1, 2021, the PhreeSoft cloud will be taken offline. Users database data and files will be maintained until January 31, 2021. Updates will be limited to bug fixes only, no new development or customization. Users should start migrating their businesses to a self-hosted WordPress platform as soon as possible. Since all businesses have a web presence already, they need to contact their ISP and have them install WordPress in their domain or contact their web site administrator to do so.

The PhreeSoft Roadmap

Don’t worry, we’re not going away anytime soon. PhreeSoft has already started development efforts to convert the Bizuno for WordPress plugin to better match the WordPress architecture. Along with these efforts we plan to:

  • Bundle current extensions into a few categories (customers, vendors, inventory, ISO, manufacturing and warehousing) and offer them as pro versions
  • Improved integration with WooCommerce including combining the WooCommerce product database with the Bizuno product database.
  • Combining WordPress users with Bizuno users.
  • Combining WooCommerce customers with Bizuno Customers.
  • Creating a customer portal

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  1. Alvin Martin says:

    Ok, so I like what you are doing…

    Well we still be able to host your scripts and database on our own server?

    Thanks for a great program.


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