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Background Color for Inventory Status

May 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles draft Background Highlighting: PhreeBooks has recently introduced a feature that visually conveys the SKU’s ‘Inventory Status‘ during data entry using Background Highlighting. This is a time saving feature. The Background Highlighting is an Alert! for the user (or a ‘take note’). Sales Orders: ‘MediumPurple‘ –  not in stock…
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Backing Up and Restoring Your Business

PhreeBooks provides a backup and restore utility to the database. It is recommended that this utility be used as other web-based applications have shortcomings that my prohibit proper restoration of your data. Specifically, phpMyAdmin has limitations on the upload size of 8 MB. Using a utility such as BigDump has limitation on the size of…
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January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 Author – Charles draft    …   under construction Bar code scanners are simply quick keyboard entry mechanisms (they scan the code and enter it into the field). To work in a web based application, the cursor needs to be in the field you want to enter the code into. If you enable…
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