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January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles
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Bar code scanners are simply quick keyboard entry mechanisms (they scan the code and enter it into the field). To work in a web based application, the cursor needs to be in the field you want to enter the code into. If you enable bar code scanners for item entry, place the cursor in the sku field of the first line and scan the product. The quantity will assume 1, the details will be retrieved and a new line will be added and the cursor placed in the sku field of the next line. Successive scans will continue the operation. Items can be added very quickly this way.


Which Barcode Scanner:

The following USB Barcode Scanner has been used successfully with PhreeBooks:


Motorola / Symbol LS2208   …   It doesn’t require any drivers, it’s just like a USB keyboard.

It is mentioned here:

I have also seen Wasp barcode scanners recommended elsewhere, but I am unaware of a  PhreeBooks users with one.

Useful Barcode Resources:

barcodeTo Enable Barcodes in PhreeBooks:


barcode icon

COMPANY > Module Administration > PhreeBooks Module > General

  • If set to Yes, this option will enable data entry on order forms for USB and supported bar code readers    …   YES/NO

COMPANY > Module Administration > Inventory Module

  • When enabled, PhreeBooks looks for a SKU length in the order form equal to the Bar Code Length   …   YES/NO
  • Sets the number of characters to expect when reading inventory bar code values   …   12 (default)
  • inventory field called UPC Code: This field needs to have the numeric UPC value in it. This field is what is searched when a bar code is scanned. You can scan-in new inventory – scan the barcodes into the UPC Code field in Inventory.

Printing bar codes on labels:

barcode on invoiceBar codes are basically fonts and can only be added to Forms at this time. Add a data field to the Form and select bar code as the type.
In the popup, select the database field you want to generate a bar code for. Enter the position on the Form, the height of the bar code. I’ve tested this with:

  • invoice numbers,
  • PO numbers
  • postal codes.

Barcodes can also be printed on Work Orders.

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