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branchDecember 2013 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles

PhreeBooks is set by default to maintain accounts for one location (HQ), without branches.

Creating a Branch:

COMPANY > Module Administration (click on Mod. Admin. and not sub-menu) > Configuration, Options, “Enable multiple branch functionality.” YES / NO

Update User Settings (ACL):
COMPANY > User > click on a User, Security Settings

Two new Settings are created in Security Settings and need to be set, as appropriate:
Company > Branch Manager
Inventory > Transfer Inventory

 If enabled in ‘Security Settings’ above, 2 new options will appear in the drop-down menus.

  • Branch Manager, in the COMPANY drop-down menu, and
  • Transfer Inventory, in the INVENTORY drop-down menu

You can now create branches and transfer inventory to them.

If Branch functionality is enabled:

  • a new column will appear in Inventory pop-up’s on the right-hand-side that will show the Inventory held by that branch.
  • In the Inventory record of any SKU (stock) a box on the right-hand-side will show how the Inventory is distributed between the set Branches.
  • ‘Store Id’ will appear as a drop-down selection in Customer Invoices, Vendor Purchase/Receive and General journal Entries.
  • Various new Reports will appear for Branch reporting.