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Importing Contacts – Customers and Vendors

Written By: Dave Premo, PhreeSoft Last Update: September 4, 2018 NOTE: AS OF THIS WRITING ONLY MAIN AND SHIPPING ADDRESSES CAN BE IMPORTED! One of the quickest ways to get up and running is to import your existing customer and vendor database records. Bizuno provides a tool to aid in that effort. HINT: If you…
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Protecting Your Business Data

Data Backup/Archiving Written By: Dave Premo, PhreeSoft Last Update: September 2, 2018 Phreesoft takes data security and privacy very seriously. PhreeSoft provides the latest protections from internet hackers trolling the web looking for anything useful and creating havoc. Our cloud is a multi-server distributed architecture that makes it much more complicated to penetrate. All of…
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Using Barcode Scanners in Bizuno

By: David Premo, PhreeSoft Last Update: 2018-12-01 Bar code scanners are simply quick keyboard entry mechanisms (they scan the code and enter it into the field). To work in a web based application, the cursor needs to be in the field you want to enter the code into. If you enable bar code scanners for…
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