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Master Stock Assembly

January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 HowTo Author – Charles Master Stock Item: Master stock items are best described with an example. For example, T-shirts come in colors and sizes. These would be the attributes for the item T-Shirt. a Red T-shirt in small, might have an SKU:  Tshirt-RDsm a blue T-shirt in medium, might have an…
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Migrating from another Accounting Program

January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3 This article has been put together using information distilled from the Forum, originally contained in posts Dave has made to various requests for help. It is based on his own experiences in migrating from Sage Peachtree Complete – now called Sage 50 Complete – to PhreeBooks. The ‘Line in the Sand’:…
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Moving PhreeBooks to a New Server

This article will help you move your PhreeBooks install to a new server. Definitions: Source – The server that contains the version to be moved Destination – The server where PhreeBooks is being moved to Procedure: (1) Destination: Create a new database (2) Destination: Create a new PhreeBooks install (follow installation instructions), also load any…
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