December 2013 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles

Two areas within PhreeBooks utilize encryption:encryption

  • POS – the POS functionality will not work correctly without the encryption key being set.
  • Customer payment information (card details) – Stored credit card information will not be displayed and values entered will not be saved unless the encryption key is entered.
    CUSTOMERS > Customer Manager > click on a customer > Payment

DO NOT LOSE THE KEY – this is of the utmost importance

To Enable Encryption:

      1. Turn on ‘storage of encrypted fields’:
        COMPANY > Module Administration (click on Mod. Admin. itself and not on sub-menu) > Configuration > Whether or not allow storage of encrypted fields  –  YES / NO
      2. Set permissions for User(s):
        COMPANY > Users > click on a user > Security Setting section > ‘Tools’ tab (a new option will have appeared), ‘Data Encryption’. Set appropriately.
      3. Create the encryption ‘key’:
        TOOLS (main menu) > Data Encryption, Create/Change Encryption Key
      4. Set the encryption ‘key’ after each Login:
        TOOLS (main menu) > Data Encryption, Enter Encryption Key

encryptionWhen the encryption key is set (on), a small padlock will appear in the top left-hand-corner of the PhreeBooks main menu. In the Home button (next to the little house).

Nice resources on understanding ‘Password Strength’:

CAUTION: Please do not put any ‘live’ password in an on-line password strength checker. If you must, at least choose a ‘similar’ password e.g. same/similar number of letters/numbers/higher-case/symbols/length etc