bowFebruary 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3
Author – Charles

Community Etiquette:

  • If you receive help on the Forum, please make sure that you post your feed-back to the forum and let us know the outcome of the issue – how did it go? This will serve to help others who may have a similar query to yourself.
  • If you take from the Community, please be fair and give back to the Community:

Responding to others Forum Posts – this needs no further explanation. (15 mins)
– PhreeBooks Reviews   (1 hour)
– This Knowledge Base  (2 – 4 hours   …   much less if it is ‘fresh’ in your mind)
GitHub – test an ‘issue‘ or a ‘fix‘ and report your findings (20 mins – 1 hour)
– Donate at the PhreeSoft Store  (5 mins)

  • if you are using PhreeBooks in your business (commercial or NFP) and you are making a profit / surplus, please contribute a minimum of $50.
  • Please detail your PhreeBooks version (e.g. PB-R36RC3) and your server set-up in Forum posts.


You may be used to searching by putting multiple search criteria in the search box and hitting ‘SEARCH’ e.g. “Vendors expenses PO” -> SEARCH  …   this isn’t the way that phpBB SEARCH seems to work at all.

phpBB SEARCH seems to work best when the user enters just ONE WORD in the search box and then, if necessary, further refine the search of just these returns with another word – and so on.

This is what I have found works best with phpBB (steps 1 and 2 are optional):

  1. Often I will first select the Forum Member whose posts I want to search – often Dave’s. Click on the Forum Member’s name on the Forum Landing Page (first page, or anywhere else where their name is clickable. Surprisingly, not everywhere) and you will be taken to their Viewing profile.
  2. Beneath Total Posts you will see in small letters – Search user’s posts   …   click on this
  3. Then you can refine the search by further entering ONE WORD into Search these results
  4. Once again, you can then enter another (different) word to further refine your search etc

Alternatively, use Google’s Site-Specific Search:

  “credit memo”   (for example – searches for that exact word arrangement on the specified website – in this case,

Posting a Screenshot:

  1. Take a .png screenshot, save it to my PC
  2. Click ‘Browse’ below the ‘Edit Post’ or ‘Post a Reply’ comment box, in the ‘Upload Attachment’ section and ‘Open’ the screenshot
  3. Click on ‘Add the file’ below in the ‘Upload Attachment’ section

… and it should appear when you click ‘Preview’, prior to posting to the Forum.

Problems I have encountered in the past are that there is a maximum size – but I have never had a problem with a simple screenshot – only problems with Excel and Word docs.

Screenshots – getting the size right in Forum posts:

To get your screenshot to be a smaller size and not “stretch the page”, just drag the RHS of the screen that you want to take a screenshot of, to the left – it will go about 1/3 of the distance across the screen before things start to not appear correctly. This is the screenshot point !

After taking the screenshot – maximize your ‘shrunk’ page to it’s original size.

Screenshots are a VERY powerful communication tool – however, make sure that you have blacked-out any private information relating to you and/or others, before posting.

‘Bugs’ and ‘Issues’:

Bugs and Issues are managed at the GitHub project page.