December 2013

Knowledge Base Guidelines:

  • Hopefully YOU will have benefited from somebody else’s time invested in writing a HowTo that has helped you.
  • The idea is to share your experience and save others some time in learning how best to use PhreeBooks.
  • Any User can write a HowTo, experienced or inexperienced. It is bound to help someone. It doesn’t need to be 100% correct – it can be amended.
  • There are no rules – you can follow these guidelines – or ignore them. Just share what you know.
  • Differing views are fine. We can have more than one HowTo on any subject.
  • A great way to ‘give back’ to the community and show your appreciation.

HowTo Write and Submit a Knowledge Base Article:

  • Remember – There is no ‘wrong way’ of writing a Knowledge Base Article
  • Remember to put the date and PhreeBooks version number – perhaps best at the top.
  • Start with a forward / preamble describing what you are going to write about.
  • It is always interesting to hear of a users server and OS, number of PB users and type of business.
  • Try and keep it as short as possible
  • Try and keep to ‘bullet points’
  • Ordered (numbered) lists are great if things need to be done in an order.
  • Manageable chunks – try and keep similar actions together – to save time and simplify
  • More than 7 items in a list starts to become too much (>12 definitely)
  • If you want to put your name to it – that’s great.
  • Remember to have a good dig around old Forum Posts. You can use the information contained in them, or use them to get an idea of common ‘issues’. The best Forum search method IMHO is using Google site specific search e.g.

NOTE – please do not be intimidated by the idea of doing an article, perhaps thinking that ‘I don’t know enough’ or similar. I have found that the BEST articles are written by users who are newbies struggling to get to grips with a feature. They know best ‘what they didn’t know’ and where the gaps are in the existing articles – therefore they write the best articles.

Articles get edited – you have to expect / be prepared for that
Articles become ‘out of date’

Submit your article to through the Contact Us page and get some feedback.