Nov 2013 / PhreeBooksR3.6
Video by – Tech-Ninja

MAMP project website

Video – Phreebooks Installation in under 8 mins

PhreeBooks on Sourceforge: latest release
GitHub latest: PhreeBooks-master  (development & testing only. Not for production)
NOTE: You may need to ‘Rename’ the GitHub download, adding a ‘.zip’ file-ending before you can unzip and install.

This is a tutorial to show you how to install phreebooks on a wamp or mamp server. You will need a computer running an Apache server with an SQL manager like PHPMyAdmin

—- Directions Copied from Video —

1. download PhreeBooks from
2. Save it in an easy accessible local folder and extract the contents of the zip file
3. Please enable hidden files and folders
4. Copy the newly extracted “Phreebooks” folder to your WAMP/MAMP root directory
5. Enter the “Phreebooks, Install” folder and delete the “.htaccess” file inside
6. Visit PHPMyAdmin or suitible MySQL database manager and create a new DB for Phreebooks — usually “localhost/MAMP” or “localhost/WAMP” in the address bar
7. Point your browser to the new folder — usually “localhost/phreebooks”
8. Start the installation by filling in your company information and user credentials
9. Enjoy Phree Accounting   😀

Please submit any comments, improvements or details of successful installs to the PhreeBooks Forum.