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Available via PhreeSoft Store (preferred method):   $25

PhreeSoft Store – PhreeBooks Modules

Available via ‘OpenCart Extensions’ website:   $25

OpenCart Extensions

Installation and Configuration:

Up-to-date installation instructions are included in the download.

Dave Wrote:

  • … And to clarify, The current design supports uploads to a single cart. Order downloads can be from multiple OpenCart installs.
  • Installation and usage instructions are included in the zip file.
  • This module requires vqmod installed and does not require any modifications to core OpenCart files.
  • The module contains two folders, one for OpenCart and another for PhreeBooks   …    installation instructions are provided with the application.
  • Make sure you set your permissions for the users you want to have access.                Company -> Users -> username -> Security (Tools -> OpenCart Interface)
  • For the username you need to add a user in PhreeBooks (enable security for OpenCart Interface) and then set the credentials in OpenCart under Extensions -> PhreeBooks Interface -> Order Download (Edit) under PhreeBooks Login Username and PhreeBooks Login Password.
  • You can install PhreeBooks in the same database as OpenCart, just add a prefix to the tables to make sure there are no conflicts.
  • …  the (PhreeBooks – OpenCart) sync assures that the items listed in your cart match the items listed as catalog items in your PhreeBooks database.
  • There must be a match between SKUs from the store and PhreeBooks – that is why the sync is part of the package. When orders are downloaded, the SKU is verified before the order is posted.
  • Only one language is supported.

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