cleanslateThe PhreeBooks install script is designed to be run once and then removed (or renamed) from the server. If the install script is run subsequent to an install, most of the installation will be skipped and Caution notifications will be displayed. If you want to re-install with a clean database follow these steps.

  1. Optional: Overwrite/Remove and Replace the PhreeBooks source code. If a newer version is to be installed, it is best to overwrite the current files with those from the newer release. If an older version is to be installed, it is best to remove the files from the installation folder and replace with a fresh copy from the desired zip release.
  2. Make sure the folders /includes and /my_files are writeable by the web server. Typically this means setting the permissions to 777 for those folders.
  3. IMPORTANT: Verify that the /includes/configure.php file is is not present. This file contains the old installation database information and should be removed as it will be re-written during the install.
  4. IMPORTANT: Verify that the database tables are deleted from the database you want to install to. In many cases, the tables will not be touched if they exist on the server, retaining the old information.
  5. Optional: Remove the folders within the /my_files folder. The only file needed is the index.html file, the rest will re-installed during the installation.
  6. Run the install script by navigating to http://PathToServer/PathToPhreeBooks/index.php and you should be redirected to the installation script. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  7. Rename/remove the /install folder.

if Steps 3 and 4 are not followed, the re-installation will not yield the desired results.