Infamous 'Tower of Babel'
Infamous ‘Tower of Babel’

January 2014 / PhreeBooksR36RC3

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A tutorial by Rosta,

First you need to install the Translator extension, you can get it on PhreeSoft Store or check here for the latest code:

You need to unzip it into modules directory, activate it in Module administration and finally enable it in your user profile, section Tools. If you do everything right, you will see Translator assistant in the Tools menu.

Unlike the screenshot the translation will be blank of course.
Then you can easily import the English translation into a database. Use the import feature (third icon from the left), iso language code will be en_us, other options keep untouched. After a short while should be English language inside the database, you can easily check, if it is complete.
Finally you need to make a Spanish translation, which will be actually filled with the English strings. Use the New icon (second from the left). There fill iso language code es_es (for Spanish in Spain, I hope it’s correct) source language is en_us and source modules keep on all.
Now you have Translator set up and you can start translating. If you would have troubles with the saving process, please check the php.ini file, I don’t have details right now, but I can check it if it is necessary.
If you want to check your new translation, just use the export feature of the Translator assistant. You will obtain a zip file, the only necessary thing is to unzip it into modules directory. The log out, choose Spanish as language and give it a try.

I hope I’ve gave some useful hints. If you need help please come to the forum.